Friday, 24 November 2017

i'm not dreaming

it's done.
we did it.

can't seem to change the size in the embedding section but it's okay, you can watch it straight on youtube instead. would not recommend watching on data. 11 minutes of...strangeness. i'm pretty conflucted on this because i'm not completely satisfied with the output, but i'm proud of how much i did to salvage it to make it something i could be proud of.

Walter is a lonely guy. He wakes up, goes to work, says hello to Bill, hides in the store room until the day is over and then he goes back to an empty home and an empty life. Little did he know that an encounter with a stranger would change his life forever, filling in the hole that has been open for well too long.

okay, the synopsis can be improved but i've had enough of writing hahaha nonetheless i think the things i'm most proud of are the colour grading and the audio. people liked the grading, which naturally made me feel good. the audio isn't great, but it was a lot worse before i ran it through audition and premiere pro's audio software. if you saw the progress, you'd be amazed too. i'm just disappointed that it (the story, not my film. more than one person comes up with a cut for each story.) didn't get chosen for the end-of-sem show screening, but it's whatever. i'm happy with what has come out, which is a lot better than i thought it would. 

behind the scenes, there were so many issues, from time to budget to my lack of control as the DOP (that reminds me, i have to do budget claims!) to audio to camera issues to location issues to um...other things that shan't be mentioned, but we pushed through. the baby is here.

now time to prep for the projects i've been planning to do over this break. that is, if people stop overworking me and give me a break i've waited for since week 2 of uni. for forensics.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

hell month

this is me, hiding out in this blog and avoiding responsibilities for the next ten minutes.


so many things to talk about, let's make a list (as i love doing)


i hate writing poems.

when i joined creative writing, poetry was completely out of my spectrum. to me, poetry either rhymes, is a limerick, or sounds pretentious. the last part, mostly, nowadays at least. i can't for the life of me write something without the need to rhyme it. also years of shakespeare in my teens have left me with a hankering to constantly write limericks because it goes with my "neh neh neh neh neh tbbbbbbth" personality. so when we had to do an in-class poetry activity, i naturally had to divert all of my sarcasm juices into it, else i wouldn't be able to write a single word. like that spongebob mocking meme, i wrote a really long piece of garbage that people found funny. my table mates had some really pleasant things, so naturally my shit stuck out. i don't know, being deep has lost all meaning to me (thanks, millenials!) and writing poetry to me feels like i'm being pretentious (thanks tumblr poets!) at least i'm glad my teacher sorta shares my views on that. makes the mod easier.

also when one girl said she was overloading on AUs i thought she was taking like 22 or something but she was taking 19. i've taken 18-19 since entering uni (that's an ADM average so) so even with taking 19 my other adm tablemate and i slept at 6 and still attended the 9:30am class. NO EXCUSES!


film is hard. like, really hard.

i have no passion to write (ref. to point 01) so scriptwriting sucks [the life out of me]. but for the gpa i will sacrifice. maybe it's because i'm largely visual. or maybe it's because i'm restless and my constant pacing stops me from sitting at a desk to type an 8 page script. or maybe it's because i ramble and can't keep my thoughts together. i mean i've got pages of ideas but jesus, how hard is it to stay still and write, right? 

also being a producer SUCKS. especially when we keep getting rejected for film locations. i am panicking like fuck man, the shoot was supposed to be on monday but our location decided that after agreeing to let us film, that they f o r g o t that "we have stock-checking and basically fuck you". now we have got no location :-) at least our prof let us skip lesson on monday to film. but this wouldn't have happened if the store had just kept their word. knn.


i have no time for anything

i have backlogged about 6 weeks of forensic science lectures. i haven't exercised in vvvvv long. i have an online mod due sunday that i have to complete by tonight. our shoots are 4 days in a row. haven't done my call sheets. have eaten mee goreng multiple days in a row. my skin is terrible now and i feel like puking because my period hasn't come yet and it might come during shoot.

wow fun.
where is the recess in recess week
die la
(is this poetry? HAHAHAHA)

- your pal

Saturday, 15 July 2017

this kid's first film

first time making a video. it was extremely painful. legs are now two-toned, left arm muscles are hard and contracted still, and there's a really ugly bruise on the thigh. also, first time with a sunburn, was not pleasant. you know what else isn't pleasant? watching the video again. and again. and hating it more. and more. i don't know what it is - scratch that, i actually do. it's that some of the shots didn't come out the way i'd wanted them to, and only 2 out of the 4 scenes came out close to the vision. and of course the music was great and fit in with the vibe (junsu's "flower") but the, could be a lot better. but there's no way in hell we can reshoot with the time constraints. just can't wait for both orientation camps to be over and done with so i can get back to crying over my gpa :-) but question is - do i put this video in my folio or not? i mean the slo-mo salvaged the footage since my hands shake like someone with parkinsons (it's not a joke by the way, i was using a stabiliser and it was still super shaky) sooOOoOOo ???????

is this what artists/creators experience often? like dissatisfaction to the point of hating their work? because i'm starting to miss the days of testpapers and facts where all i had to do was find the way to the answer and dassit haiyo

Thursday, 22 June 2017


okay this is the first since my first breath was in chennai, why not post pics about it in my first post? let's see how long this blog lasts lol. not to mention, there's a backlog of old posts on wordpress that i really want to re-upload onto here.

not many photos managed to be tooken over there because it was a 5 day trip jam packed with activities. so much so that i lost 1kg in 5 days which i couldn't lose in a month. but here're some pics that i thought came out really nice and, as yueh nyng would say, "aesthetiCCccCCcCCcccCCCccc".

stinks that this beach is the only getaway they have from prying eyes since having a bf/gf is still quite a touchy subject even in 2017. which, when you think about it, makes like 0 sense because every indian parent wants their child to hurry up and get married then how can they consciously prevent them from dating? bruHhHHhh what is this catch-22

my second favourite shot of them all, after the one with the guy walking past the camera. there's something so soothing about the cohesive colour scheme from the beach to the horses to the girl's skin to her outfit. i'd describe it as majestic ~~~~

then there's this little gem which i caught that really looked like that "you never walk alone" album by bts.
okay it actually isn't that similar but at first glance doesn't it look kinda sorta similar?

we didn't get to do much. this trip was mainly for visiting my grandmother and going for a wedding. shopping was, uh, pretty uneventful. i must say that levi's actually isn't cheaper there at all, in fact i think it's cheaper here probably because of lesser import taxes. but aren't levi's in india made domestically? i mean, $90 for jeans there? nah, i'll just get them here for $70 in the style i actually want haha. i also managed to see some really nice places that are worth photographing/filming at, the beach above included. but it was kinda sad to see how a country that was once filthy stinking rich in terms of wealth and culture has been reduced to an impoverished third world country with great financial + gender inequality, little work ethic and motivation to improve the current conditions and lack of morals like respect. i guess that's what years of robbing and plundering'll do. (not-so-fun fact: india's wealth was depleted well before the colonisation of the brits) maybe in time, things'll get better and it'll go back to it's initial splendour. til then we'll always have the charms of uh, the underdevelopment and unstable infrastructure that make it today's india. don't get me wrong, i don't hate the country and neither do i think it's a dump or entirely bad. i just wouldn't be able to live there in peace, and i mean c'mon it could do with a lot of improvement soOoO there's that.

before i end this post, here's a parting quote from my aunt: 

நன்றி வணக்கம்.